Saturday, October 18, 2014

book: D3: Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web:

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Azure real-time analytics, ML recommendations

Microsoft delivers real-time analytics in Azure HDInsight Hadoop service - IT News from

"By bringing real-time analytics capabilities to HDInsight, we are opening up new customer scenarios such as the ability to analyse operational data in real time for predictive maintenance,
Microsoft also said it has added new capabilities to its Azure Machine Learning service for testers to evaluate, including a recommendation engine for adding product recommendations onto a website, and an anomaly detection service for predictive maintenance or fraud detection."

Norway loves Tesla (and oil)

Freakonomics » How Can Tiny Norway Afford to Buy So Many Teslas? @ Freakonomics Radio Podcast

"Until recently, tiny Norway (population 5 million) has been the second largest market for Teslas (after the U.S.). Earlier this year, Tesla’s Model S became the best-selling car in the country ever for a one-month period. Not bad for a luxury electric vehicle whose base price in Norway is over $100,000."
(Photo: Tesla Motors)
"By most measures, Norway is among the greenest countries on Earth. It gets virtually all of its electricity from hydropower; it plans to cut its greenhouse emissions by 30% by 2020; and it has more electric vehicles per capita than any country in the world. But Norway is also the biggest oil producer in Western Europe and the world’s third-largest exporter of natural gas. All that petroleum money allows Norway to subsidize its green lifestyle; it has also helped create what is now the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, soon projected to top $1 trillion."

HP: Agile vs. Anticipate & "Invent"

Greater Agility Won’t Help Hewlett-Packard | LinkedIn by Daniel Burrus"In the announcement, HP said that splitting the company will allow it to be far more agile in the marketplace...

The leader’s job isn’t to react or respond, nor can leaders rely on agility in order to lead. True leaders anticipate disruptions before they happen. They anticipate problems before they occur. They anticipate customer shifts and changes before the competition.

In fact, the ability to anticipate the future provides you with the biggest advantage. Knowing this, just gaining an edge or advantage around agility is not going to help HP that much. Why? Because chances are that their competitors are also focusing on increasing their ability to be agile."

What: Introduction to the Anticipatory Organization™ Model | Daniel Burrus

Well, HP is trying to survive... it is a market leader only by size...

Flying Cars

The flying car that really could be coming to a road
"The AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol – and when its wings fold down, it’ll fit into a normal parking space."

Elon Musk: Yes on Tunnels, Meh on Flying Cars | Re/code
“If the sky was full of cars flying all over the place, it would affect the skyline, and it would be noisier, and there would be a greater probability of something falling on your head,” said Musk, who is CEO of both electric car company Tesla and commercial space travel company SpaceX. “Those are not good things. I get that you could get from one place to another faster. But if you eliminate the choke points in cities …”

And how exactly would those choke points be eliminated, asked moderator Walter Isaacson.

Tunnels,” was Musk’s one-word answer."