Saturday, August 23, 2014

web: Mobile First => Offline First

presentation: Offline First: @ InfoQ
by Caolan McMahon

Since a few years ago, developing web apps to be "mobile first" has become industry standard. Now, apps are being developed to utilize offline features of modern browsers to make them usable even without network connection, and more efficient with connection.

Using couch.db for data synchronization
There is even JavaScript version, called

Offline First! - Very fast web app development

HTC One M8 Windows vs Android Battery

Same phone hardware (except maybe LTE frequencies)

HTC One M8 Windows vs Android Battery Wars - SlashGear:
After 1 day, 2 hours, 41 minutes
Android HTC One: 68% battery
Windows HTC One: 81% battery

Android is based on Java (clone) VM, maybe not as efficient as Windows WinRT (native code).  Next version "L" may improve that... 


C++14 Is Here: New Features @ InfoQ

"C++14, the new C++ standard succeeding C++11, has been finally approved and is heading to ISO for publication this year. While improvements in C++14 are "deliberately tiny" compared to C++11, says C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup, they still "add significant convenience for users" and are a step on the route to make C++ "more novice friendly."

auto lambda = [](auto x, auto y) {return x + y;};

IoT: App vNext

App vNext:

"App vNext is a team of software builders and designers focused on building the Internet of Things with web and mobile apps as well as devices like Microsoft Kinect for Windows and Leap Motion sensors utilizing speech, audio, video, MIDI, touch and gesture recognition, all powered by cloud (and we actually know the real meaning of the word).

The team is led by industry veteran Carl Franklin, whose many years of experience with a wide range of technologies serves as a compass for the entire team."

ASP.NET vNext Projects: XML => JSON

ASP.NET vNext Projects Get Simpler:

"project.json file that holds the build information for the ASP.NET vNext project"

JSON is current proffered as a "web services" format:

WebAPI default is using JSON/REST, while WCF default was XML/SOAP.

Now, even config files are moving from XML to JSON.

Next step: GUI templates, such as XAML.

There are some rumors that is coming also...