Wednesday, January 20, 2016

$199 3D printer @ CES

CES 2016: Monoprice $199 3D Printer, DLP 3D Printer, CNC Mill | PC Perspective
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link from: This Week in Computer Hardware 346 Wrapping Up CES | TWiT

Microsoft Azure: $1B / 3 years for nonprofits

Microsoft plans to donate $1B in cloud services to nonprofits | The Seattle Times

"In a major expansion of its corporate philanthropy efforts, Microsoft announced plans Tuesday to donate about $1 billion worth of cloud-computing services to nonprofits during the next three years.

The program, which goes well beyond Microsoft’s current software donations, will make many of the company’s next-generation Web tools available to select nonprofits. It also extends Microsoft’s existing donations that support academic projects and Internet connectivity initiatives."

books: "Fully Charged" & "Eat Move Sleep"

book: Are You Fully Charged? - Tom Rath

Are You Fully Charged? by - Brian Johnson's PhilosophersNotes
Are You Fully Charged?
  • 3 keys to live 'fully charged': Meaning + Interactions + Energy
  • Meaning: intersection of: 
    • Strengths: focus on what you are good at
    • Interests: and that interests you
    • Needs: and what the world needs
  • Interactions
    • live in 3 seconds moments, 500 million of them
    • remove iPhone effect
  • Energy
    • Eat, 
    • Move, 
    • Sleep

FULLY CHARGED movie trailer

Eat Move Sleep by - Brian Johnson's PhilosophersNotes
Eat Move Sleep