Tuesday, September 01, 2015

IoT Actors

Actors for CyberThings @ InfoQ
"by Carl Hewitt; Erlang event keynote on the Actor Model and ActorScript, providing examples of using them for large-scale datacenters and IoT.""Datacenterism" => "CyberTotalism" (privacy info available to corporations and governments)

alternative: "CylerLocalism", implemented as "Islets" (CyberThing coordinator), that can run Actors.

Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2015

Carl Hewitt - O'Reilly Radar
"Carl Hewitt is Emeritus at MIT in the EECS department. He is known for his research on strongly paraconsistent logic, privacy-friendly client cloud computing, norms and commitments for organizational computing, andconcurrent programming languages, models, and theories."
Is intimate personal information a toxic asset in client-cloud datacenters? - O'Reilly Radar

Actor model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[1008.2748] ActorScript(TM) extension of C sharp (TM), Java(TM), and Objective C(TM): iAdaptive(TM) concurrency for antiCloud(TM) privacy and security

standard IoT  ?

Reliable Actors for Internet of Things @ azure.microsoft.com

Google’s new logo

Official Google Blog: Google’s look, evolved