Thursday, February 18, 2021

Tesla Model S & X redesign

 Tesla says the new Model S is the world's most aerodynamic production car

"There's a lot of new stuff to talk about when it comes to the Tesla Model S, which today received its most major update since it was first unveiled in 2012. It's got a completely new interior with a crazy steering wheel, lots of updated tech and a Plaid Plus model that promises over 520 miles of range. But buried in the deluge of info is a new superlative that Tesla is claiming: The updated Model S is the most aerodynamic production car in the world, with a drag coefficient of just 0.208."

Refreshed Tesla Model S has a Knight Rider steering wheel - Roadshowtesla-model-s-refresh-210

The New Tesla Model S Is Crazy In So Many Ways

Tesla Cybertruck’s design is finalized, confirms Elon Musk

Tesla's steering 'yoke' is perfect for the next-gen Roadster's ICE-killing functions


Tesla's new steering yoke appears to be analogous to an airplane steering yoke. But an airplane's yoke does not only control roll, but also pitch. Indeed, there's the potential for *five* extra axes (up-down, left-right, front-back, & two extra roll axes)

Mars: Perseverance Rover Landing

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Jezero Crater - Perseverance Landing Site - NASA Mars

Image of the Perseverance Rover

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