Friday, February 23, 2018

Infrastructure 3.0 for AI and ML: HW & SW

another very interesting podcast interview, and an article

The Cloudcast: The Cloudcast #333 - Infrastructure 3.0 for AI and ML

Infrastructure 3.0: Building blocks for the AI revolution | VentureBeat

"The commercial internet that came of age in the late ’90s and early ’00s owes its existence to the x86 instruction set (Intel), the standardized operating system (Microsoft), .... Infrastructure 1.0.
This category of technologies — Linux, KVM, Xen, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark... Infrastructure 2.0 ...
 was ultimately concerned with the question “How do we connect the world?” 

Today’s generation of technology rephrases the question to ask, “How do we make sense of the world?..Infrastructure 3.0 — will be about unlocking the potential of ML/AI and providing the building blocks for intelligent systems. As with previous generations, there will be new projects, platforms, and companies that emerge and challenge the current incumbency.