Monday, September 07, 2015

web: Babel.js ES2015 JavaScript compiler

Babel · The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript
"Babel is a JavaScript compiler.
Use next generation JavaScript, today."

Big Data, ML, IoT: Cortana Analytics

Fancy marketing names and some advanced technology...

Microsoft's Cortana Analytics aims to democratize big data | ITworld
"At first glance, Cortana Analytics appears to have a similar goal as IBM’s Watson Analytics, another offering that integrates advanced analytics technologies to make them easily usable in a wide variety of industries."
Cortana Analytics Overview | Microsoft

At WPC, Microsoft helps businesses transform data into intelligent action | Internet of Things
"...announced Cortana Analytics Suite, which represents the culmination of years of research and innovation in advanced analytics. With Cortana Analytics Suite, our customers will have unparalleled advanced analytics capabilities—such as machine learning, big data storage and processing and perceptual intelligence—to turn data into intelligent action, including mining value from the devices, sensors and services within the Internet of Things (IoT)."
Real-time and Predictive Insights on Vehicle Health and Driving Behavior Pattern Using Cortana Analytics
"...cutting-edge automobiles contain a myriad of sensors, giving them the ability to track and monitor millions of events every second. By 2020, 75% of these cars will be connected to the internet"