Tuesday, February 06, 2018

SpaceX: Tesla roadster in space!

SpaceX launches its powerful Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time - The Verge

Live Views of Starman - YouTube
Elon Musk’s Tesla roadster, which launched on top of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy earlier today, is going farther out into the Solar System than originally planned. - The Verge

Floating through space, SpaceX's 'Starman' mesmerizes the world

SpaceX launches world's most powerful rocket - YouTube

SpaceX's Falcon Havy launch produced some stunning images - Feb. 6, 2018

book: A Curious Moon: PostgreSQL + NASA

A book that is a mix of PosgreSQL tutorial, Data Science, real NASA data from Cassini spacecraft, and some fictional scientists to make the whole thing very interesting.

A Curious Moon - Big Machine

"Mostly a PostgreSQL tutorial, this book also has a narrative element in the spirit of The Martian...

Follow along with Dee Yan, our fictional data science intern, as she assumes the job of interim database administrator at the fictional aerospace startup, Red:4. She’ll learn PostgreSQL like we all do: on the job and under pressure. Red:4 is bidding on a mission to one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, considered to be a primary candidate for alien life..."

podcast and link:
Postgres and Curious Moon with Rob Conery @ .NET Rocks! vNext

DevOps automation tool: Ansible @ Azure

Ansible logo.svg
Ansible is Simple IT Automation

IT Automation with Ansible

Based on OpenSSH & WinRM, no Agents required.

Microsoft is adding native OpenSSH to Windows 10 - The Verge

Ansible (software) - Wikipedia
"Ansible is software that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment."
"The name "Ansible" references a fictional instantaneous hyperspace communication system"

Running Ansible on Azure
"... how to run Ansible playbooks on Azure using Cloud Shell, a browser-based shell experience hosted in the cloud... also demonstrates how to use the Ansible extension for VS Code to accelerate Ansible playbook development using auto-completion and code snippets, and then run it inside Docker or Cloud Shell."

Ansible playbook roles to get the latest Azure modules:
Azure.azure_modules (Ansible Galaxy)
Azure.azure_preview_modules (Ansible Galaxy)