Thursday, January 18, 2018

Amazon HQ2 candidate cities

Amazon announces candidate cities for HQ2

Amazon HQ2, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Boston Massachusetts, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas Texas, Denver Colorado, Indianapolis Indiana, Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, Montgomery County Maryland, Nashville Tennessee, Newark New Jersey, New York City New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Raleigh North Carolina, Toronto Ontario Canada, Washington DC

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OpenAPI.NET on GitHub
"The OpenAPI.NET SDK contains a useful object model for OpenAPI documents in .NET along with common serializers to extract raw OpenAPI JSON and YAML documents from the model."

OpenAPI in Microsoft Docs
"REST APIs are often described using an OpenAPI definition (formerly known as a Swagger file). This definition contains information about what operations are available in an API and how the request and response data for the API should be structured."

Azure API Management