Friday, March 17, 2017

Azure Functions timer = Unix cron++ (crontab)

Azure Functions timer trigger | Microsoft Docs
{second} {minute} {hour} {day} {month} {day-of-week}
To trigger once every five minutes:
"schedule": "0 */5 * * * *"
To trigger once at the top of every hour:
"schedule": "0 0 * * * *",
Azure Functions Overview | Microsoft Docs - the cron schedule expression editor

Cron - Wikipedia
 ┌───────────── minute (0 - 59)
 │ ┌───────────── hour (0 - 23)
 │ │ ┌───────────── day of month (1 - 31)
 │ │ │ ┌───────────── month (1 - 12)
 │ │ │ │ ┌───────────── day of week (0 - 6) (Sunday to Saturday;
 │ │ │ │ │                                       7 is also Sunday)
 │ │ │ │ │
 │ │ │ │ │
 * * * * *  command to execute

Azure Functions have 6 position, added position for seconds in front of minutes. - CRONTAB(5)

AI cloud: Microsoft Azure + Nvidia HGX-1

Microsoft and NVIDIA tackle AI cloud computing with HGX-1 - SD Times

“The HGX-1 hyperscale GPU accelerator will do for AI cloud computing what the ATX standard did to make PCs pervasive today. It will enable cloud-service providers to easily adopt NVIDIA GPUs to meet surging demand for AI computing.”
The HGX-1 was designed alongside Microsoft’s Project Olympus to provide hyperscale data centers with a fast path for AI. Project Olympus is Microsoft’s next-generation hyperscale cloud hardware design"

Mindshift: book & online class

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential: Barbara Oakley: 9781101982853: Books

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential - McMaster University | Coursera

"About this course: Mindshift is designed to help boost your career and life in today’s fast-paced learning environment. Whatever your age or stage, Mindshift teaches you essentials such as how to get the most out of online learning and MOOCs, how to seek out and work with mentors, the secrets to avoiding career ruts (and catastrophes) and general ruts in life, and insights such as the value of selective ignorance over general competence. We’ll provide practical insights from science about how to learn and change effectively even in maturity, and we’ll build on what you already know to take your life’s learning in fantastic new directions. This course is designed to show you how to look at what you’re learning, and your place in what’s unfolding in the society around you, so you can be what you want to be, given the real world constraints that life puts on us all. You’ll see that by using certain mental tools and insights, you can learn and do more—far more—than you might have ever dreamed."

book's web site: Mindshift - Barbara Oakley

Another very popular course and a book from same authors:

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects - University of California, San Diego | Coursera

A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) 1, Barbara Oakley -