Thursday, August 17, 2023

web: vanilla JS => DOM

a recommendation from creator ("discoverer") of JSON, Douglas Crocford

 Plain Old JavaScript and the DOM

The DOM is much less deficient and much more portable and reliable. That is why I now recommend abandoning the libraries, which have grown into bloated platforms, and instead using the DOM and plain old JavaScript together.

function dom(tag, ...nodes) { const node = document.createElement(tag); node.append(...nodes); return node; } let rows = [ dom( "tr", dom("th", "first"), dom("th", "last") ), dom( "tr", dom("td", "Moe"), dom("td", "Howard") ), dom( "tr", dom( "td", "Jerome", dom("i", "Curly") ), dom("td", "Howard") ), dom( "tr", dom("td", "Larry"), dom("td", "Fine") ) ]; document.getElementById("output").append(dom( "table", dom("caption", "The Three Stooges"), ...rows ));