Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kaggle: competitive machine learning (ML)

podcast interview: Competitive Machine Learning with Anthony Goldbloom @ NET Rocks! vNext

"How can competition teach machine learning? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle about competitive machine learning. Kaggle hosts competitions provided by industry and academia to find machine learning solutions on different data sets. While the competitive aspects tend toward only particular types of data sets, Anthony talks about how two very different machine learning algorithms - Gradient Boosting Machine and Deep Recurrent Neural Networks - have risen to the top. Want to learn machine learning in a hurry? Join a competition!"

Kaggle: Your Home for Data Science

Kaggle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"As of May 2016, Kaggle had over 536,000 registered users, or Kagglers. The community spans 194 countries. It is the largest and most diverse data community in the world."

book: Founder's Mentality

Founder's Mentality® - Bain & Company
"When companies miss growth targets, 85% of the time the reasons are internal. In The Founder's Mentality: How to Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth, authors Chris Zook and James Allen explain why a "founder’s mentality"—an insurgent’s clear mission and purpose, an unambiguous owner mindset and a relentless obsession with the front line—is critical to sustainable growth"

Reigniting Growth @ HBR

Founder's Mentality

"1. Rediscover Your Insurgent Mission
 2. Obsess over Your Business’s Front Line
 3. Instill an Owner’s Mindset"

projector VR: Igloo Vision

Igloo Vision

"Igloo is the 360ยบ projection company.
We create shared VR environments."

6M Arc Dome from Igloo on Vimeo.