Monday, March 10, 2014

WebGL Water

WebGL Water:

Water in a swimming pool, modeled with WebGL

Office Online (name change)

Microsoft changes Office Web Apps to Office Online - FierceContentManagement:
"OneDrive is Microsoft's online storage product. (like Google Drive)

Office 365 is actually the online version of SharePoint, and Office Online?
Well, that's the free version of Office Apps (not to be confused with Office 365).
Got it?

Whatever you call it, Office Online is the free online version of Office." 

(like Google Docs)

Google Docs reside in Google Drive,

so Office Online documents reside in

It is a quite nice web application... it works even on iPad...

Office -

Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web

The End of InfoPath

InfoPath started as a XDocs, a web-based alternative to Office, 10 years ago.

A big no-no in Microsoft, endangering Office.

The whole team was dispersed, and technology folded to Office as "InfoPath".

Integrated to SharePoint, complicated and expensive...

Now, more "new/unified" forms are coming from Microsoft.

How about "HTML Forms" :)

Even better, "Semantic Web Forms"...

Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms | Office Blogs:

In an effort to streamline our investments and deliver a more integrated Office forms user experience, we’re retiring InfoPath and investing in new forms technology across SharePoint, Access, and Word.

Microsoft Announces Future of InfoPath - Formotus

Microsoft InfoPath (Formerly "XDocs") Supports Healthcare XML Data Standard


Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

The world's first Carbon Fiber 3D Printer:

Tokyo's 'ninja homes'

Tokyo's 'ninja homes' find a niche among Japanese young -

  • Radical design is featuring more and more in Japan's residential landscape
  • It is a hit among the country's young generation
  • Many avant-garde structures are small middle-class homes
  • Having no worry about long-term investment gives Japanese home owners a lot of creative license
Houses build to last 15 years, custom (cheap?), not concern for "residual value".