Saturday, January 04, 2020

AWS-shell vs AWS CLI + JMESPath

AWS Command Line Interface and aws-shell Sample for AWS Cloud9 - AWS Cloud9

"The AWS CLI and the aws-shell are unified tools that provide a consistent interface for interacting with all parts of AWS. You can use the AWS CLI or the aws-shell instead of the AWS Management Console to quickly run commands to interact with AWS, and some of these commands can only be run with the AWS CLI or the aws-shell."

AWS Shell demo video @ OReilly Learning (subscription or trial needed)
AWS CLI overview code
a query language for JSON.

JMESPath Tutorial — JMESPath

locations[?state == 'WA'].name | sort(@) | {WashingtonCities: join(', ', @)}


  "WashingtonCities": "Bellevue, Olympia, Seattle"

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