Monday, November 22, 2021

Azure Logic Apps & Power Automate (low code, workflow tools)

What Is Azure Logic Apps

"logic apps" is a low code workflow platform for building apps

"power automate" is a application building tool that is using logic apps under the hood

Power Automate vs Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs

Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps are workflow services that can automate your processes business or system and integrate with Microsoft and 3rd party services with over 300 connectors. These powerful services are designed to get you going quickly, building the workflow between business services providing that familiarity without having the steep learning curve.

Power Automate provides a user-friendly and focused experience within Office 365 that can easy to get end-users going once assigned an appropriate license.

Azure Logic Apps provide the same user-friendly designer surface similar to Power Automate with the option to build complex integration solutions, utilise advanced development tools, DevOps and monitoring, if required.

Both options aim to significantly reduce the effort and quickly build and automate processes between services, allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks.

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