Thursday, July 03, 2014

Android RunTime (ART) in Android L

AnandTech | A Closer Look at Android RunTime (ART) in Android L:

"The big paradigm-shift that ART brings, is that instead of being a Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler, it now compiles application code Ahead-of-Time (AOT). The runtime goes from having to compile from bytecode to native code each time you run an application, to having it to do it only once, and any subsequent execution from that point forward is done from the existing compiled native code.

(2x faster than current Android)

IoT, Open Source: "AllSeen Alliance"

Open Source IoT to advance the Internet of Everything - AllSeen Alliance:

"AllSeen Alliance is an open source nonprofit consortium providing open source IoT for widespread adoption of products, systems and services for the Internet of Everything.  It is portable open source for all major platforms and operating systems."

No Intel, No Apple, No Google, No IBM?

Microsoft Joins AllSeen Alliance To Get In On Internet Of Things Action - ReadWrite

The 'splendid isolation' of Apple's (AAPL) ecosystem might disrupt 'Internet of Things' 

One of the keys to Apple’s success has been to present the world with a unified ecosystem in which all the varied form factors of devices, services, and programs are made to work in synergy. 

Qualcomm is developing AllJoyn, which Microsoft and a number of other powerful companies have endorsed. The IoT may be further fragmented by Intel’s current refusal to accept either set of standards, though it has not yet offered its own.

Internet of Things

$20 B birthday reminder (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn at 10 Must Justify Richer Value Than Facebook - Bloomberg:
LinkedIn is valued at about $20 billion, making it one of the biggest U.S. technology companies by market value.

How Do I get Birthday Alerts of my connections on Linked In? - LinkedIn Help Center

LNKD: Summary for LinkedIn Corporation Class A Co- Yahoo! Finance
Almost 20 years ago, when the web was young, this was a "case study" on one of prominent web sites of that time ( Helped get MIT PhD, and a few $ million VC / startup investment...

Case Studies 
by Philip Greenspun, part of Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

At that time simple Oracle SQL database was a back-end, LinkedIN is likely using NoSQL... Technology is advancing... Predicted the future...

A Future So Bright You'll Need to Wear Sunglasses