Sunday, December 08, 2013

TED, photo, time-lapse: Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg

Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF - YouTube:

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. | Video on

David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful | Video on

photos: Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit

Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit (PHOTOS) -

Symbolizing the dramatic decline of Motor City, many buildings and structures in the former manufacturing mecca of Detroit, Mich. lay in crumbling and weather-beaten ruins. In his bestselling book, "The World Without Us," Alan Weisman (who has reported from abandoned cities such as Chernobyl, Ukraine and Varosha, Cyprus)

Big Data for High-Tech Hiring

Meet the New Boss: Big Data -

podcast: The High-Tech Hiring Market Of Today | On Point with Tom Ashbrook:
"Show me the data.  The proof of performance.  The statistical indicators that this person will succeed at the job.  Big data is all around us now.  We understand it and its consequences in the realm of credit scores.  You may soon have a number on your “hirability.” This hour On Point:  the data-driven hire."

They're Watching You at Work - Don Peck - The Atlantic

Big data and hiring: Robot recruiters | The Economist

Evolv | How big data shapes workforce performance
online tool used by Xerox services, 48,700 call-center jobs!
is Xerox it still "a document company" leave alone print devices?
Apparently it still is... blue are "services", gray is "technology"...

Where Does Xerox's Revenue Come From? FastCompany