Monday, June 15, 2015

Elon Musk: book, internet satellites, science fiction

Sci-Fi Helped Inspire Elon Musk to Save the World | WIRED
"... Musk surveyed a wide range of religious and philosophical texts, but ultimately found the most inspiration in a humorous science fiction novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. “He always points to Hitchhiker’s Guide as his guiding principle for deciding that you should find out what the big questions are, and once you do, that’s what you go tackle,” 

Elon Musk's SpaceX Plans To Launch 4,000 Satellites, Broadcasting Internet To Entire World

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elon Musk - Ashlee Vance - E-book

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future: Ashlee Vance: 9780062301239: Books

RDMA network cards: Remote Direct Memory Access

Remote direct memory access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In computing, remote direct memory access (RDMA) is a direct memory access from the memory of one computer into that of another without involving either one'soperating system. This permits high-throughput, low-latency networking, which is especially useful in massively parallel computer clusters.

RDMA supports zero-copy networking by enabling the network adapter to transfer data directly to or from application memory, eliminating the need to copy data between application memory and the data buffers in the operating system. Such transfers require no work to be done by CPUs, caches, or context switches, and transfers continue in parallel with other system operations. When an application performs an RDMA Read or Write request, the application data is delivered directly to the network, reducing latency and enabling fast message transfer.

However, this strategy presents several problems related to the fact that the target node is not notified of the completion of the request (1-sided communications)."


Azure cloud: F# MBrace vs. Hadoop

MBrace - Scripting Compute and Data Jobs in the Cloud Made Simple

"MBrace.Core is a simple programming model for scalable cloud data scripting and programming with F# and C#. With MBrace.Azure, you can script Azure for large-scale compute and data processing, directly from Visual Studio."

"MBrace.Core is an open source software framework, initiated by experts, for developing big data algorithms that will execute on a private or public cloud. It is similar to Hadoop but simpler, explorative and not confined to the map-reduce paradigm."

F# Software Foundation

F# and MBrace with Lena Dzenisenka | .NET Fringe 2015 | Channel 9