Saturday, March 04, 2017

IoT: protocol IOP, data format ION

IoT may need more efficient protocols and data formats... 
Competing with Google (HTTP2, ProtoBuf) is challenging... 
Still, for example Angular.js was well challenged by React.js, and Angular2 is adjusted. 

ION - IAP Object Notation
"ION uses a binary encoding to make it faster to read and write, more compact, and to make it possible to embed binary data. ION's encoding is described in the text ION Encoding."

"IAP (Internet Application Protocol) network protocol is designed to replace HTTP for the many use cases where HTTP is inappropriate. Why HTTP2 and WebSocekts are not enough."

"With the Internet of Things (IoT) we will have a lot more different devices communicating via the internet. Different devices send and receive different types of data, and have different communication patterns. A new network protocol should take that into account. Similarly the next generation of the web, being it Web 3.0 or Web 4.0 (or whatever name it gets), will most likely add new types of data and communication patterns to the ones already existing."

Nanosai - Intelligent & Versatile Distributed Systems
"Making the Internet Great Again! Distributed Computing Rebooted"

"Amazon Ion is a richly-typed, self-describing, hierarchical data serialization format offering interchangeable binary and text representations. The text format (a superset of JSON) is easy to read and author, supporting rapid prototyping. The binary representation is efficient to store, transmit, and skip-scan parse. The rich type system provides unambiguous semantics for long-term preservation of business data which can survive multiple generations of software evolution."