Monday, May 06, 2013

Only Four Types of Jobs?

There Are Only Four Jobs in the Whole World – Are You in the Right One? | LinkedIn

"Everything starts with an idea. This is the first of the four jobs – the Thinkers.
Builders convert these ideas into reality. This the second job.
Improvers make this reality better. This is the third job.
Producers do the work over and over again, delivering quality goods and services to the company’s customers in a repeatable manner. This is the fourth job. 

... And then the process begins again with new ideas and new ways of doing business being developed as the old ones become stale.
Recognize that every person is comprised of a mix of each work type, with one or two dominant. Likewise for every job..."

Part 2, clarifications

"people grow by first becoming technically proficient at something – the Producer role – then evolve into one or more of the other work types. This is an inside-out progression. 

Companies on the other hand, grow outside-in, starting with an idea, building it, improving it, and then producing it in a repeatable manner"

While this categorization may be true in most cases, the best results for "creative workers" come when skills are combined, I think.