Thursday, April 23, 2015

AI: Google Brain, Deep Learning

How a Toronto prof changed artificial intelligence | Metro
"In 2006, Hinton made a breakthrough. In quick succession, neural networks, rebranded as “deep learning,” began beating traditional AI in every critical task: recognizing speech, characterizing images, generating natural, readable sentences. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and nearly every other technology giant have embarked on a deep learning gold rush, competing for the world’s tiny clutch of experts. Deep learning startups, seeded by hundreds of millions in venture capital, are mushrooming.

At tech giants and smaller startups, most deep learning applications revolve around three tasks: speech recognition, image recognition, and reading or generating natural written language."

IoT book free: Designing for the Internet of Things - O'Reilly Media

Designing for the Internet of Things - O'Reilly Media

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