Saturday, March 17, 2018

Markdown Editor for Visual Studio

Markdown Editor - Visual Studio Marketplace
by Mads Kristensen

Preview window

or as a par of:
Web Essentials 2017 - Visual Studio Marketplace

for previous versions of Visual Studio
Web Essentials for Visual Studio

Markdown editing with Visual Studio Code
"VS Code supports Markdown files out of the box. You just start writing Markdown text, save the file with the .md extension and then you can toggle the visualization of the editor between the code and the preview of the Markdown file; obviously, you can also open an existing Markdown file and start working with it. To switch between views, press Ctrl+Shift+V in the editor. You can view the preview side-by-side (Ctrl+K V) with the file you are editing and see changes reflected in real-time as you edit."