Saturday, August 11, 2012

Windows 8 App in 30 Days

Microsoft "final push" for Windows 8 apps before the launch...

Windows 8 App Development | Generation App:

Begin your 30-day journey to create a Windows 8 Metro style app. Sign up to get started and receive:
  • Insider tips and tricks on Windows 8 application development.
  • Personal on-the-phone access to a Windows 8 architect*.
  • An exclusive one-on-one Metro style design consultation*.
  • An opportunity to get expert help from a Microsoft Services Engineer at an App Excellence Lab.

Ups... Not "Metro style" but "Modern UI"...

Microsoft "Reality Show"

Be the Next Microsoft Employee

Apple license offer to Samsung

2010 Apple license offer to Samsung: $30 per smartphone, $40 per tablet | Apple - CNET News:

To sweeten the deal, Apple offered a 20 percent discount if Samsung would cross-license some of its patents back to Apple as part of the arrangement. In addition, Apple wanted royalties on Samsung's Windows-based phones. In the document, Apple said Samsung would have owed it $250 million in 2010.