Friday, October 14, 2022

7 Days in a Week, matching Roman "planets"

A strange "web" of partially correct ideas that define our world...

Planets are discovered as "wandering" objects on the night sky that behave differently than stars:
while stars all move "around" us (as Earth rotates), Sun, Moon, and planets move differently.
That made a "connection" to mystic "gods" for each of them.

Next, Romans named days of the week are based on those objects on the night sky,
based on perceived "distance". And since there was 7 of such objects known at that time
so there is 7 days in the week! Simple :)

Please observe that at that time the Earth was firmly considered "center of the universe",
and mostly flat, with unknowns beyond distant shores. 

What could be other misconceptions that are currently taken as "true",
for not yet knowing better?

A great talk!

The Pluto Files | Neil deGrasse Tyson | Talks at Google - YouTube

Why Are There 7 Days in a Week?

  • Day 0: Sun (Sunday)
  • Day 1: Moon (Monday)
  • Day 2: Mars (Tuesday)
  • Day 3: Mercury (Wednesday)
  • Day 4: Jupiter (Thursday)
  • Day 5: Venus (Friday)
  • Day 6: Saturn (Saturday)