Monday, October 12, 2015

Dell += EMC - $67B : could vs. enterprise ?

Dell's $67 Billion EMC Deal Dwarfs All Other Tech Tie-Ups | WIRED
"it’s arguably the biggest in all of tech (acquisitions...the short answer is that it’s Amazon’s world, and everyone else needs to either join together or get out of the way"

Dell – EMC (2015): $67 Billion
HP – Compaq (2001): $25 billion
Facebook – WhatsApp (2014): $19 billion
HP – EDS (2008): $13.9 billion
Symantec – Veritas (2004): $13.5 billion
Google – Motorola Mobility(2011): $12.5 billion
Oracle – PeopleSoft (2005): $10.3 billion
HP – Autonomy (2011): $10.3 billion
Microsoft – Skype (2011): $8.5 billion
Oracle – BEA Systems (2008): $8.5 billion
Oracle – Sun Microsystems (2010): $7.4 billion
Microsoft – Nokia (2013): $7.2 billion

Dell. EMC. HP. Cisco. These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead | WIRED
"The Cloud is ... the way that the giants of the Internet—aka Amazon, Google, and Facebook—build their businesses. These companies built Internet businesses so large—businesses that ran atop hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of computers—they eventually realized they couldn’t build them with hardware and software from established vendors. They couldn’t use traditional storage gear from EMC. They couldn’t use servers from Dell and HP and IBM. They couldn’t use networking gear from CiscoThey couldn’t use databases from Oracle. It was too expensive. And it couldn’t scale."
Dell-EMC Deal: What the Street Is Saying - MoneyBeat - WSJ

Dell’s EMC Purchase Marks Shift From Consumer Supply Chain - WSJ

web: Elixir & Phoenix

Jumping into Elixir with Rob Conery @ .NET Rocks! vNext
"Elixir is the syntactically friendly language over top of Erlang that has gotten a lot of attention lately. The conversation digs into the strategies around learning a new language, starting with building a good old fashion forms-over-data application. Rob used the Phoenix MVC framework with Elixir to build web pages quickly. He also talks about changing your thinking - how his Elixir code rapidly evolved from an old way of thinking to new, with terser syntax and taking advantage of the language style to build in a new way"

cloud: SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is $100B business now, even Windows and Office are sold as service.
Interesting story started from 2003...
Change is good, evolution, Transcendent Software, Agile, Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson | REWRITE! | Basecamp | Business of Software Conference Video | DHH - Business of Software USA
"What’s number one on Joel Spolsky’s list of ‘Things You Should Never Do’?
Rewrite your software from scratch.
David Heinemeier Hansson disagrees.
In this talk, ‘Rewrite!‘ at Business of Software Conference USA 2015, David Heinemeier Hansson, Co-Founder, Basecamp, and Creator of Ruby on Rails explains why he disagrees and discusses his experience in rewriting the code for Basecamp, not once, but twice,"

Speaker slide decks from Business of Software Conference USA 2015 - Business of Software USA

But that was not the first major SaaS... much bigger story: - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia