Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Docker + WASM

 Exploring Docker Hub’s WASM technical preview | by B Shyam Sundar | Dec, 2022 | Medium

docker run -dp 8080:8080 \
--name=wasm-example \
--runtime=io.containerd.wasmedge.v1 \
--platform=wasi/wasm32 \

WasmEdge is a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible WebAssembly runtime for cloud native, edge, and decentralized applications.

It powers serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

programming C resources / links / info

a useful list of C-programming related links

Everything I wish I knew when learning C - Tom M

why is C still relevant?

Because with WASM it could be a good and simple tool to make fast and small "edge" apps
both for web apps, as well as "cloud native micro-services" and IoT

and most of software now depends on Linux, an that is mostly written in C