Sunday, July 22, 2018

Surface Go

Introducing Surface Go - YouTube

Like iPad running Windows

Surface Go - Mobile Workstation Laptop - Microsoft
optional LTE and starting at 1.15 lb, $449

Surface Go  in laptop mode side by side to Surface Go in tablet mode

Alexa with Raspberry Pi, or any computer

It is interesting that Alexa web service is accessible.

Alexa @ GirHub

Making An Alexa Raspberry Pi – JEFF BLANKENBURG

Raspberry Pi · alexa/alexa-avs-sample-app Wiki @ GitHub
"step-by-step instructions for setting up AVS on a Raspberry Pi. It demonstrates how to access and test AVS using our Java sample app (running on a Raspberry Pi), a Node.js server, and a third-party wake word engine. You will use the Node.js server to obtain a Login with Amazon (LWA) authorization code by visiting a website using your Raspberry Pi's web browser.
For instructions on how to set it up on Mac, Linux or Windows, please see our wiki."

There is even an alternative from Microsoft, but no much activity...
Microsoft/cortana-samples: Code samples for Cortana extensibility. @ GitHub