Sunday, May 30, 2021

GitHub Actions

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V8 "Sparkplug": fast JavaScript compiler

Chrome's JS V8 engine is getting faster, again... 

Sparkplug — a non-optimizing JavaScript compiler · V8

"Writing a high-performance JavaScript engine takes more than just having a highly optimising compiler like TurboFan. Particularly for short-lived sessions, like loading websites or command line tools, there’s a lot of work that happens before the optimising compiler even has a chance to start optimising, let alone having time to generate the optimised code."

"Sparkplug is designed to compile fast. Very fast. So fast, that we can pretty much compile whenever we want, allowing us to tier up to Sparkplug code much more aggressively than we can to TurboFan code.

There are a couple of tricks that make the Sparkplug compiler fast. First of all, it cheats; the functions it compiles have already been compiled to bytecode, and the bytecode compiler has already done most of the hard work like variable resolution, figuring out if parentheses are actually arrow functions, desugaring destructuring statements, and so on. Sparkplug compiles from bytecode rather than from JavaScript source, and so doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

The second trick is that Sparkplug doesn’t generate any intermediate representation (IR) like most compilers do. Instead, Sparkplug compiles directly to machine code in a single linear pass over the bytecode, emitting code that matches the execution of that bytecode. In fact, the entire compiler is a switch statement inside a for loop, dispatching to fixed per-bytecode machine code generation functions."