Sunday, November 07, 2021

UglifyJS: JavaScript language tool + λanguage

mishoo/UglifyJS: JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier toolkit

UglifyJS is a JavaScript parser, minifier, compressor and beautifier toolkit.s

UglifyJS — JavaScript parser, compressor, minifier written in JS

UglifyJS : AST

How to implement a programming language (tutorial for beginners)


How to implement a programming language (tutorial for beginners)

"The λanguage looks a bit like JavaScript, but it's different. First, there are no statements, only expressions. An expression returns a value and can be used in place of any other expression. Semicolons are required to separate expressions in a “sequence”. The curly brackets, { and }, create such a sequence, and it's itself an expression. Its value is what the last expression evaluates to. The following is a valid program:"

mishoo (Mihai Bazon) @ GitHub

Mihai Bazon (@mcbazon) / Twitter

WASM: WebAssembly Component Model


 Lin Clark on the WebAssembly Component Model

WebAssembly Component Model is a language-neutral approach to building web assembly applications in small units that can be assembled into a larger application.

WebAssembly excels in the edge environments because it has extremely fast and secure. The web assembly execution engine can run JavaScript 13 times faster than the same application running in a V8 isolate in a serverless function.

WebAssembly specs layer on top of each other. The core spec is intentionally very low level and very unopinionated. JavaScript integration is another spec that is layered on top of the WebAssembly spec. 
These layers allow wasm to remain flexible and to be used in different ways.

Composability, language neutrality, reusability, security are all design goals of the WebAssembly Component Model.