Monday, February 18, 2013

"Responsibility to Share" vs "Need to Know"

In this podcast:
RunAs Radio: Sharepoint in the Military
the guest is a person who used to work in Military, and now in Microsoft,
in both places on SharePoint and effective ways to use it.

He mentioned shift that has happened after 9/11,
from "Need to Know" to "Responsibility to Share",
to make sure that right information is available for right people.

Besides being a good marketing for SharePoint,
this is makes sense for business, too.
Don't wait for "9/11" moment to learn to share info.

Richard's guest also mentioned common phrase
Data to Information to Knowledge to Wisdom

Latest SharePoint 2013 has improved metadata taxonomy/ontology features,
so it could help in making this "alchemy", if used properly.
And using it properly is a challenge...
Even finding info about this on is a challenge...

Discourse: another site by Jeff Atwood

About a year ago Jeff Atwood "retired" from his creation StackOverflow / StackExchange,
mega-popular Q/A web site(s) for developers (and others),
for "family reasons"...

Well, apparently he didn't quite "retire";
he just got quiet until he and selected team
created a new "generic" discussion web site.

For ordinary people Q/A site is "a forum", and "discussions site" is "a forum".
But Jeff has proved to have much "higher resolution" for this kinds of things...
(at he loves ultra-high resolutions screens, too :)


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