Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Social Big Data, Economy, Measure to Improve

With world connected and instrumented, it is now more then ever possible to OPTIMIZE investments into social investments, based on science not on impulse and opinions.

This is a fascinating presentation for anybody who deals with data:
Bjorn Lomborg: From Feel-Good to High-Yield Good: How to Improve Philanthropy and Aid - The Long Now

"Bjorn Lomborg does cost/benefit analysis on global good. There are surprises when you examine what are the highest-yield targets in the domains of health, poverty, education, reduced violence, gender equality, climate change, biodiversity, and good governance."
An interesting story how "economy" data started, and huge benefit of doing this.

Planet Money : NPR #522: The Invention Of 'The Economy'
"A hundred years ago, nobody talked about "the economy." That's because easy ways to measure and talk about it hadn't been invented. On today's show: how we started boiling nations down to a number."

Peter Drucker quote: You can't manage what you don't measure.

Lord Kelvin quote: If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.

If you can not measure it, you can not improve it. - Lord Kelvin