Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Writing music with code: Alda

Interesting application of Cjoure DSL prog. language

GitHub - alda-lang/alda: A music programming language for musicians.

Writing music with code: Alda/Alda-tabs composition (SciArt Lab) - YouTube

"Code-based music composition: This song has been done only with code. This video is an example of a SciArt Lab's project named 'Alda-tabs: Domain Specific Language for Guitar Players in the Java Virtual Machine.'"

"Perfect for musicians who don't know how to program
and programmers who don't know how to music :-)"

Syntax example
piano: o3
g8 a b > c d e f+ g | a b > c d e f+ g4
g8 f+ e d c < b a g | f+ e d c < b a g4
<< g1/>g/>g/b/>d/g

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