Thursday, September 06, 2018

Angular ngrx-data

Redux pattern, and ngrx, tend to produce a lot of repetitive code. There is a possible solution:

GitHub - johnpapa/angular-ngrx-data: Angular with ngRx and experimental ngrx-data helper

"Zero Ngrx Boilerplate

You may never write an action, reducer, selector, effect, or HTTP dataservice again.

NgRx helps Angular applications manage shared state in a "reactive" style, following the redux pattern.

But to use it properly requires both a deep understanding of redux/ngrx and a lot of boilerplate code.

Ngrx-data is an ngrx extension that offers a gentle introduction to ngrx/redux without the boilerplate.

Try it! See the Quick Start for instructions on adding NgRx and ngrx-data to your app.

This is a library for ngrx, not an ngrx alternative."

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