Thursday, April 12, 2018

AI/ML/DL free ebook: Introduction to CNTK Succinctly

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CNTK Succinctly
by James McCaffrey

"Microsoft CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit, formerly Computational Network Toolkit), an open source code framework, enables you to create feed-forward neural network time series prediction systems, convolutional neural network image classifiers, and other deep learning systems. In Introduction to CNTK Succinctly, author James McCaffrey offers instruction on the basics of installing and running CNTK, and also addresses machine-learning regression and classification techniques. Exercises and explanations are included in each chapter."

"There are several other deep learning frameworks. Microsoft CNTK is most similar to Google TensorFlow. In my opinion, CNTK is easier to program with than TensorFlow; however, all deep-learning frameworks have a fairly steep learning curve. Both CNTK and TensorFlow can be accessed by the Keras wrapper framework"

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