Sunday, August 06, 2017

Data Science + Cloud: JupyterHub

JupyterHub on Google Cloud - O'Reilly Media

"JupyterHub, a "multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks," is an essential tool for teaching and training at scale with Jupyter. As described in The course of the future – and the technology behind it , JupyterHub is being used to power an introductory class in data science taken by hundreds of students at Berkeley every semester.

JupyterHub is a complex piece of software... new project "Helm" package for JupyterHub and an accompanying article called Zero to JupyterHub on how to use it, describes the relatively straightforward steps needed to install and run JupyterHub on Google cloud."

On Microsoft Azure it is easier, there is a VM with JupyterHub  already installed:

"The Linux data science VM now has JupyterHub installed by default."

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