Saturday, January 23, 2016

Storage Class Memories (SCM)

Non-volatile Storage - ACM Queue
"The arrival of high-speed, non-volatile storage devices, typically referred to as Storage Class Memories (SCM), is likely the most significant architectural change that datacenter and software designers will face in the foreseeable future...

  1. The age-old assumption that I/O is slow and computation is fast is no longer true: this invalidates decades of design decisions that are deeply embedded in today's systems.
  2. The relative performance of layers in systems has changed by a factor of a thousand times over a very short time: this requires rapid adaptation throughout the systems software stack.
  3. Piles of existing enterprise datacenter infrastructure—hardware and software—are about to become useless (or, at least, very inefficient): SCMs require rethinking the compute/storage balance and architecture from the ground up."
HP, SanDisk partner to bring storage-class memory to market | Computerworld

Storage Class Memory at Almaden - IBM

IEEE Xplore Abstract - Storage-class memory: The next storage system technology

Software-defined memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Software-Defined Memory (SDM) is an evolving concept for the convergence of Storage and Memory, which for decades were two separate computing domains. Storage is a multi-layer software implementation outside of the realm of Computer Architecture (i.e. I/O subsystem). The memory subsystem is the exact opposite, it is an integral part of Computer Architecture & Microarchitecture and implemented by hardware engineers."

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