Saturday, January 23, 2016

99u books: "Make Your Mark","Maximize Your Potential","Manage Your Day-to-Day"

Make Your Mark - 99u
"Build a business that matters"
"a business book for makers, not managers"

Make Your Mark by - Brian Johnson's PhilosophersNotes
  • (start with) Purpose driven, conscious business,
    to make significant impact, change the world;
    (meaning) is intersection of:
    • what you love to do
    • what can you be great at
    • what the world needs (and is willing to pay for)
  • (Eat your own) Dog Food: use your own product or service;
    product or service build by passionate individuals who what to use it,
    that you and the team is exited about
  • (are you) Ready to Serve, when the customers come
    be in the "game" for the long run, building customer relationships one a time
    "profound service" is about customer "astonishment" with commitment to serve
  • it's all about the Character
    Leadership, perseverance, stand up when failing
  • Start! don't wait to be "ready", it will almost certainly be too late
"doing the right thing creates more shareholder value"

Maximize Your Potential - 99u
"Success is not about being the best, it is about about always getting better"

Maximize Your Potential by Jocelyn K. Glei - Brian Johnson's PhilosophersNotes
  • Permanent beta (Gmail, Amazon "day one")
  • Praise: "Smart" => -25%, "Work Hard" => +25%
  • Work hard to prove you made a right choice (instead of second guessing) 
  • Setbacks as motivation, retry 
  • Consider "better you" (little better, "believable possible") in every situation

Manage Your Day-to-Day - 99u

Manage Your Day-to-Day by Jocelyn K. Glei - Brian Johnson's PhilosophersNotes
  • Daily Routines: must be "boring"
    (must change something that you do every day to change your life)
  • ReaCtive => CReative (same letters; do "creative" work first, before "email")
  • Weatlh of information leads to poverty of Attention;
    sustain attention on "deep work" (vs "shallow work") will make huge difference; attention is most important asset for happiness, well being
  • "Screen Apnea": work technology as a tool rather than being slave of technology
    when seating in front of a screen, holding breath => not healthy
    "fight or flight" behavior, more impulsive and compulsive behavior
  • Rats + Email: craving "random reinforcement" "rewards"  

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