Monday, January 18, 2016

Google IoT: Brillo, Weave, Beacons

From the Google Ubiquity Dev Summit 2016: Brillo, Weave and Beacons
"Google has organized this week the Ubiquity Dev Summit 2016 with sessions on their IoT technologies - Brillo, Weave, Beacons – and other technologies for wearable, TVs and Auto.
Weave is a device-to-device communication protocol developed by Nest, and later acquired by Google, which we covered in a previous post. Brillo is an embedded OS accompanied by core services and a development toolkit. It supports OTA updates which Google considers as mandatory to deal with eventual security issues and communicates with other devices over Weave. The Android HAL makes it run on various hardware. The basic architecture of Brillo is depicted in the following chart:"

"Beacons, representing smart devices placed indoors to provide semantic location information."

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