Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Azure xplat-cli @ GitHub

All Azure features are available via REST APIs.
Usual access to them is from portals ("classic" and "new"), as well from PowerShell from Windows.
There is a "cross-platform" open source tool xplat-cli based on Node.js, that can run on all major OSs.

Azure/azure-xplat-cli: Microsoft Azure Cross Platform Command Line @ GitHub

  • Accounts Management
  • Azure Service Management
    • Storage
    • Websites
    • Virtual machines
    • Network
    • Mobile Services
    • Service Bus
    • SQL Database
  • Azure Resource Management
    • Generic resource groups and deployments management
    • Role based access control
    • Cmdlets for individual resource providers, including compute, storage, network, redis cache, insights, etc
    • Datalake
  • Key Vault

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