Monday, June 24, 2024

AI API deployment: NVIDIA NIM

 NVIDIA NIM Offers Optimized Inference Microservices for Deploying AI Models at Scale | NVIDIA Technical Blog

NVIDIA NIM, part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, provides a streamlined path for developing AI-powered enterprise applications and deploying AI models in production.

NIM is a set of optimized cloud-native microservices designed to shorten time-to-market and simplify deployment of generative AI models anywhere, across cloud, data center, and GPU-accelerated workstations. It expands the developer pool by abstracting away the complexities of AI model development and packaging for production ‌using industry-standard APIs.

NVIDIA NIM is designed to bridge the gap between the complex world of AI development and the operational needs of enterprise environments, enabling 10-100X more enterprise application developers to contribute to AI transformations of their companies.

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