Wednesday, May 29, 2024

AI book: Co-Intelligence by Ethan Mollick

 Co-Intelligence by Ethan Mollick: 9780593716717 | Books

Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI: Mollick, Ethan: 9780593716717: Books

"Something new entered our world in November 2022 — the first general purpose AI that could pass for a human and do the kinds of creative, innovative work that only humans could do previously. Wharton professor Ethan Mollick immediately understood what ChatGPT meant: after millions of years on our own, humans had developed a kind of co-intelligence that could augment, or even replace, human thinking. Through his writing, speaking, and teaching, Mollick has become one of the most prominent and provocative explainers of AI, focusing on the practical aspects of how these new tools for thought can transform our world."

Ethan Mollick | LinkedIn

Associate Professor at The Wharton School (Business, UPenn)

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