Friday, March 29, 2024

save SVG (and HTML) as RDF graph

SVG is DOM, meaning it has a hierarchy of nodes, same as HTML, just as different XML variant.
Any any hierarchy is a "graph", and RDF designed for representing graphs.
So, technically SVG could be a "semantic web" visual graph.
Why? Just because it could be done, I guess :)

Old Dog, New Tricks by Kurt Cagle @ LinkedIn
Expressing SVG (and HTML) as RDF

There are many good use-cases for RDF variants, while SVG may not be one of them... 
Visual graphs, expressed in higher-level model, that would be a very good use-case for RDF.

Resource Description Framework - Wikipedia

But RDF itself is already obscure enough, unless used in simplified serialization such as N3.

We may need to use AI to come up with a simpler to use graph representation syntax...

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