Friday, June 23, 2023

Function as a Service with WASM, from Go, Rust, and WAT

 FAAS in Go with WASM, WASI and Rust - Eli Bendersky's website

FAAS (Function as a Service) server in Go that lets us write modules in any language that has a WASM target. Comparing to existing technologies, it's something between GCP's Cloud FunctionsCloud Run and good old CGI.

  • How to load WASM code with WASI in a Go environment and hook it up to a web server.
  • How to implement web server plugins in any language that can be compiled to WASM.
  • How to translate Go programs into WASM that uses WASI.
  • How to translate Rust programs into WASM that uses WASI.
  • How to write WAT (WebAssembly Text) code that uses WASI to interact with a non-JS environment.

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