Sunday, November 06, 2022

go-sqlite: GoLang + SQLite - GCC

GitHub - zombiezen/go-sqlite: Low-level Go interface to SQLite 3

a CGo-free SQLite package.

  • Full SQLite functionality via, an automatically generated translation of the original C source code of SQLite into Go

go-sqlite3/ at master · mattn/go-sqlite3 · GitHub

go-sqlite3 is cgo package. If you want to build your app using go-sqlite3, you need gcc. However, after you have built and installed go-sqlite3 with go install (which requires gcc), you can build your app without relying on gcc in future.

Golang SQLite database/sql - Earthly Blog

Go sqlite3 - working with sqlite3 in Golang

GitHub - crawshaw/sqlite: Go SQLite3 driver

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