Saturday, March 19, 2022

.NET Hot Reload: open source

.NET 6 Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, and NOTEPAD?!? - YouTube
by Scott Hanselman

> dotnet watch run

Microsoft reverses controversial .NET change after open source community outcry - The Verge

Microsoft is reversing a decision to remove a key feature from its upcoming .NET 6 release, after a public outcry from the open source community. Microsoft angered the .NET open source community earlier this week by removing a key part of Hot Reload in the upcoming release of .NET 6, a feature that allows developers to modify source code while an app is running and immediately see the results.

It’s a feature many had been looking forward to using in Visual Studio Code and across multiple platforms, until Microsoft made a controversial last-minute decision to lock it to Visual Studio 2022 which is a mostly paid product that’s limited to Windows.

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