Thursday, October 20, 2022

JavaScript on WebAssembly with WasmEdge

usually WASM runs on JavaScript engine, i.e. (Chrome) V8

but there could be a stand-alone WASM engine
and there are alternative, "mini" JavaScript engines, that take less resources.

JavaScript ecosystem is like biological, rich, diverse and strange sometimes :)

 Running JavaScript in WebAssembly with WasmEdge

WasmEdge is a leading cloud-native WebAssembly runtime hosted by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) / Linux Foundation. It is the fastest WebAssembly runtime in the market today. WasmEdge supports all standard WebAssembly extensions as well as proprietary extensions for Tensorflow inference, KV store, and image processing, etc. Its compiler toolchain supports not only WebAssembly languages such as C/C++, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, and AssemblyScript but also regular JavaScript.

A WasmEdge application can be embedded into a C program, a Go program, a Rust program, a JavaScript program, or the operating system’s CLI. The runtime can be managed by Docker tools (eg CRI-O), orchestration tools (eg K8s), serverless platforms (eg Vercel, Netlify, AWS Lambda, Tencent SCF), and data streaming frameworks (eg YoMo and Zenoh).

Now, you can run JavaScript programs in WasmEdge powered serverless functions, microservices, and AIoT applications! It not only runs plain JavaScript programs but also allows developers to use Rust and C/C++ to create new JavaScript APIs within the safety sandbox of WebAssembly.

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