Saturday, April 23, 2022

NVIDIA amazing story

Nvidia: The GPU Company (1993-2006) | History and Strategy | Deep Podcast Case Studies

"He wears signature leather jackets. He can bench press more than you. He makes cars that drive themselves. He’s cheated death — both corporate and personal — too many times to count, and he runs the 8th most valuable company in the world. Nope, he’s not Elon Musk, he’s Jensen Huang — the most badass CEO in semiconductor history. Today we tell the first chapter of his and Nvidia’s incredible story. You’ll want to buckle up for this one!"

Nvidia: The Machine Learning Company (2006-2022) | History and Strategy | Deep Podcast Case Studies

"By 2012, NVIDIA was on a decade-long road to nowhere. Or so most rational observers of the company thought. CEO Jensen Huang was plowing all the cash from the company’s gaming business into building a highly speculative platform with few clear use cases and no obviously large market opportunity. And then... a miracle happened. A miracle that led not only to Nvidia becoming the 8th largest market cap company in the world, but also nearly every internet and technology innovation that’s happened in the decade since. Machines learned how to learn. And they learned it... on Nvidia."

An Interview with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang about Manufacturing Intelligence – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

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