Friday, December 31, 2021

"" of web3?

Here is an interesting podcast / blog post about "what would Bezos do today," 
drawing parallels of internet / "web 1.0" (in fact it was HTTP 0.9 of 1990's :)
to what is now, not quite correctly, called "web3".

Crypto Bezos - Not Boring by Packy McCormick

  • The late-90s internet, and the public’s attitude towards it, was strikingly similar to web3, and the public’s attitude towards it, today.
  • Amazon was the only FAAMG company that was conceived of explicitly as a business to take advantage of the internet’s unique characteristics.

What they said in 1999 about Amazon dot com - YouTube

And here is a book and podcast interview about HOW actual DID do what they did to become very successful, customer-obsessed company. 

Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon: Bryar, Colin, Carr, Bill: 9781250267597: Books

Amazon Narratives: Memos and working Backwards From Release | Future @ a16z

"authors Colin Bryar and Bill Carr share not only how Amazon did it, but how other companies can do it, too, drawing on their combined 27 years of firsthand observations and experiences from being in “the room” where it happens. Bill was vice president of digital media, founded and led Amazon Music, Amazon Video, Amazon Studios; and Colin started out in the software group, was a technical vice president, and then, notably, was one of Jeff Bezos’ earliest shadows — the shadow before him was in fact Andy Jassy, president and CEO of Amazon Web Services & Amazon.

Summary of Working Backwards by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr | Summaries.Com

  1. Have solid leadership principles.
  2. Use hiring to progressively raise the bar.
  3. Organize so you have single-threaded leaders.
  4. Communicate using narratives and six-pagers.
  5. Start with the desired customer experience.
  6. Manage your business inputs, not outputs.

Business Book Main Idea Snapshot Index | Summaries.Com

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