Wednesday, December 29, 2021

React Remix

Introduction to Remix by Flavio

What’s Remix? It’s a new React-based framework which just reached version 1.0, and was released publicly with MIT license, the license we all love.

Note: it was sponsorware, now it’s public and free

Do you know Next.js? Or SvelteKit? Well, Remix is something like that, but with some unique features that make it an interesting alternative. But it has no static site support, so it always needs a server. Which makes it good for some use cases, bad for others.

Good for use cases where you have a database, dynamic data, user accounts with private data, and so on. Like with a Rails, Django or Laravel app.

Or in the JS world, it’s more an alternative to RedwoodJS or Blitz.js, aka it’s more about building apps rather than sites.

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