Saturday, May 01, 2021

short UUID: 36 => 20 chars, or 22 chars with base58 encoding

Jeff Atwood's C# implementation of Ascii85 

Ascii85 - Wikipedia

ascii85 - npm

huandu/node-ascii85: Ascii85 (Base85) encoding/decoding module for node.js.

base85 - npm

nE0sIghT/ascii85.js: ASCII85 a.k.a. Base85 implementation in JavaScript

uuid - npm

short-uuid - npm

oculus42/short-uuid: Translate standard UUIDs into shorter formats and back.



Ask HN: Who invented Base58 Encoding - Flickr or Bitcoin? | Hacker News

A commonly held view is that Satoshi Nakamoto invented Base58 encoding for Bitcoin:

However, a Flickr discussion about Base58 encoded URLs exists from April 2009:

Did Flickr deploy their Base58 encoded URLs before the Bitcoin white paper was published on Oct 31, 2008?

recode uuid to shorter URL safe string, length: 36 => 22, i.e.
'1496c7cb-b4e4-4c84-954f-3da570e2e281' => '3xsFQ446662SRziHg4g3uZ'

import short from 'short-uuid';
const translator = short(); // defaults to flickrBase58 encoding (like bitcoin)
const shortId = translator.fromUUID(id);

import { v4 as uuidV4 } from 'uuid';
import bs58 from 'bs58';
const uuidBytes = () => uuidV4({}, Buffer.alloc(16)); // generates random uuid as byte array
const uuidHex = () => uuidBytes().toString('hex') // 32 chars; also 'base64', 24 chars
const uuidBase58 = () => bs58.encode(uuidBytes()); // 22 chars

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